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"life is more about the journey than the destination"

The journey of DJ SK has not only been musical, but also eventful. It dates back to March 1991, when he set his foot into the world of events. And over the last twenty years, he has conceptualized and executed many a successful events.

As I stand on the threshold of success, watching the past storm of struggle go by, I would like to take this opportunity to endow my gratitude to all those who have supported & stood by me all the way long.

Right from Omega Watch’s launch event to bringing world renowned musicians together on one stage in the event Sound of Seas, he lets his work do the talking. But unlike most of us, he didn't give up on his passion and love, in spite of finding the right career he wanted to pursue - he chased his dreams and became a DJ too.

He started his career in DJing as an Assistant Disc Jokey at My Kind of Place, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. And within a short span of four years starting from June 1994, he climbed the ladder and went on to become the Disc Jokey.

Apart from events and music, DJ SK has also contributed a lot to the society he lives in. He has actively been participating for Save Our Sisters, an organization that has been rescuing child prostitutes with the help of the Police Commissioner of Mumbai.

Through a series of seminars and lectures, he has organized fundraisers with renowned musicians like Zakir Hussain, Dr. L Subramanian etc., to prevent child labour and prostitution. Even after spending more than 20 years, his passion for events and music has not diminished a bit. He continues his journey by making it even more musical and even more eventful, every single day.


    MUSIC From Bhangra to Rap, Indi-pop to Hip-hop, Reggae to Rock. DJ SK has been defying genres to bring his own unique sound on to the dance floor. It’s this exceptional style that makes him one of the most creative DJs in electronic music.


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