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Social Media Marketing is the process to gain traffic and attention to your business or brand using various social media websites. For example: You can use Twitter to share small messages about your business or you can use facebook a fully fledged social media site which allows you to share facebook Updates, create Posts, Notes, Images and even business pages. According to most people, social media is a fad, a passing marketing interest which will soon die off. However statistics prove it wrong. According to Hubspot, 92% marketers say that social media marketing is important for their business and 80% say that social media helped increase traffic for their website. According to social media examiner, 97% of businesses are participating in social media marketing however most don’t know how to leverage the full potential of this wonderful platform for their business growth. Social media marketing has a huge potential to increase your sales, generate more traffic to your website, turn your leads into customers and double your revenue growth.